Tank Top Quintana Arancio

Made in Italy 100%
Fabric 100% Organic Cotoon
Stitching thread 100% Organic Cotton
Embroidery 100% Natural Fiber
Label 100% Organic Cotton
Transportation Free Italy – €8 Europe – €15 World
Delivery 4 business days



100% organic cotton fabric
The organic cotton is hypoallergenic and non-toxic
The fibers retain their natural breathability
Woven and dyed in Italy with GOTS certification

Sewing thread 100% organic cotton
The organic yarn does not undergo chemical treatments that are dangerous for health and the environment
Yarn and dyed in Italy GOTS and Oeko-Tex100 certified

100% natural fiber embroidery
Thread produced from cultivated pine wood
Biodegradable, without harmful substances for humans and the environment
Embroidered in Italy with GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certification

100% organic cotton label
Print on organic fabric obtained by processing scraps
Water based printing inks. Printed in Italy

I vantaggi per te devono essere un vantaggio per tutti


Product Care

HANDWASH - do not use washing machine - maximum washing temperature: 40 ° C - short washing time - compress and if necessary rub gently - rinse very gently - do not twist DRY WASH - do not use perchloroethylene - the textile product cannot stand chlorine treatment (e.g. bleach) IRONING - ironing with maximum iron temperature: 100 ° C - interpose cloth DRYING - the textile product does not support drying in the drum - drying on a flat surface (lying flat)


Chest   Size (cm) S        82/86 M       88/92 L        94/98 XL    100/108 Breathe normally and hold your breath as you measure your chest circumference