Tank Top Merida Lilla

Made in Italy 100%
Fabric 100% Organic Cotton
Stitching thread 100% Organic Cotton
Embroidery 100% Natural Fiber
Label 100% Organic Cotton
Transportation Free Italy – €8 Europe – €15 World
Delivery 4 business days



100% organic cotton fabric
The organic cotton is hypoallergenic and non-toxic
The fibers retain their natural breathability
Woven and dyed in Italy with GOTS certification

Sewing thread 100% organic cotton
The organic yarn does not undergo chemical treatments that are dangerous for health and the environment
Yarn and dyed in Italy GOTS and Oeko-Tex100 certified

100% natural fiber embroidery
Thread produced from cultivated pine wood
Biodegradable, without harmful substances for humans and the environment
Embroidered in Italy with GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certification

100% organic cotton label
Print on organic fabric obtained by processing scraps
Water based printing inks. Printed in Italy. Printed in Italy

The benefits for you must be an advantage for everyone


Product Care

HANDWASH - do not use washing machine - maximum washing temperature: 40 ° C - short washing time - compress and if necessary rub gently - rinse very gently - do not twist DRY WASH - do not use perchloroethylene - the textile product cannot stand chlorine treatment (e.g. bleach) IRONING - ironing with maximum iron temperature: 100 ° C - interpose cloth DRYING - the textile product does not support drying in the drum - drying on a flat surface (lying flat)


Size Chest (cm) S      82/86 M     88/92 L      94/98 XL  100/108 Breathe normally and hold your breath as you measure your chest circumference