Mongolia – The Gobi desert

The Gobi desert in Mongolia is still one of the least hospitable places in the world, starting from its name which means “place without water”. So why go there?

Words can hardly explain it, but you just need to get there and here its majestic variety of colors and its size, which does not end except on the horizon line, appear in front, and the magic begins.

There are no roads, there are no indications, there is no end. There is only the experience of the local populations who, generation after generation, orally transmit the best ways to get to the sporadic villages and, today, to the Mongolian tents (Ger) prepared for tourists

The villages and tents themselves seem minimal, with essential services. In reality, you can find everything you need to survive in the desert, like an always useful basketball court

It is difficult to find yourself facing such a dramatic contrast of colors: two worlds in one horizon

The dunes shaped by the wind bring back to the reality of an inhospitable place, but with an indescribable charm.

The sunset enhances the contrast of colors, the orange of the rocks, the green that survives the lack of water, the yellow of the sun that abandons us on the horizon

In the rare stagnation of water, the sunset blends the colors of the sky, mirroring itself almost as if it wanted to double the visual strength of the infinite

The journey continues, without a direction, without a destination.

At least until the next adventure. QuitAndMove always on move.

Tank Top Quintana GiallaBorn among the colors of the Mexican Caribbean, found in the colors of the Gobi desert